WAW End of 2019 Update

WAW End of 2019 Update


This important update was made essentially to fix a few known issues but also to allow for gameplay improvement for new features that will be progressively used in the upcoming 2020 title, or, when updated, retrofitted inside the existing ones.

To install it, just redownload the basic WAW pack and re-install (key remains the same and active)


    *** IMPROVEMENTS ***

    - (Regions) Added support for new feature : possibility to define nations as default owners of regions

    - (Map) Implemented new Information Anchors (e.g. useful to display extra critical information as a graphic icon)

    - (Movement phase) The confirmation dialog displayed when going to next phase without any movement can now be dismissed permanently.

    - (Replacements) Implemented a system allowing to schedule replacements through the Reinforcement system without need to use cards.   

    - (Battle) Implemented new rule allowing to start a fortress assault (resolved by a battle with specific combat factor modifiers) instead of besieging the structure. Assaulted fortresses have a default garrison to defend them, added to the regular units that maybe already be in fortress.

    - (Structures) Added per-structure option to limit the number of units that can enter a structure (leaders excluded from the count)

    - (Replacements) It is no longer possible to assign replacements to stacks that are not currently in a supplied region

    - (Reinforcements) Added scenario option to hide AI's reinforcements

    - Added optional system that allow fortresses to reclaim control of their region if no enemy force occupies it, or if there are only enemy leaders/support units present in the said region.

    - (Battle/Siege) Implemented unit capture system (e.g. will be useful to capture supply wagons or other units)

    - (Summary) Casualties tab now displays Leaders killed or wounded in battle

    - (Battle) Implemented optional rule to ignore the Differential of Leader Morales when computing battle modifiers

    - (Battle) Implemented optional rule to ignore the Differential of Leader Combat Factors when computing battle modifiers

    - (Battle) Implemented optional rule to ignore the regular loss differences Victory Points awarded by battles (only VP awarded by regions and structures capture and/or cards are kept)


    *** FIXES ***

    - (FOW) Fixed bug where the tooltip for units made invisible BY FOW was still displayed

    - (Cards) Fixed bug where launching a game from a save reset the max number of cards in hand to the engines default value instead of the value specified in the scenario

    - (Battle) Fixed localization errors in the retreat message

    - (Movement) Fixed a bug that made it difficult to move a stack into a structure already containing units.

    - (Siege) Fixed a bug where a fortified structure taken by siege would incorrectly keep its blockaded status.

    - (Initialization) Players are now created in an order that corresponds to the play order of Sides. Fixes potential bugs and fixes known bug where the second player would get a wrong match identifier if the sides definition and play order do not match with those specified in the editor.

    - (Options) Fixed a bug that prevented from changing the AI level in In-Game options