The Wars Across the World (WAW) game engine does not process client’s personal data, as no information of any kind is stored by SAS Strategiae (the company having developed the WAW engine). The only exception of data storage is for clients using the Play-By-Email (PBEM) service offered by the game. In such a case, when the client sends his PBEM turn to his playing partner, the save sent contains his PBEM email address (in order that the game in play is identified correctly by the playing partner). But as the data does not go to, through or stay with Strategiae in any way, the company does not receive or store any client data on its side.

Case of iOS version, inApp purchases: this version uses a Unity Technology feature named Unity Analytics. This feature can collect data, according to the guidelines specified by Unity Technology here:  Unity Analytics Data Privacy

Users may disable the Unity Analytics in our WAW game by using the Opt-Out button provided in the game menu ‘Privacy Policy’.

NB: If you have a browser pop-up blocker enabled, this can prevent the data privacy page from opening. Consider disabling your pop-up blocker if the button has no effect.

Players manage their preferences on a per-game, per-device basis. Unity Analytics does not track whether the same player plays more than one game made with Unity, or plays the same game on multiple devices.


For any information, Strategiae support can be reached at the following address by email:   

Strategiae is represented by Stéphane PARRIN, who can be reached either by email to  or by postal surface mail sent to: Strategiae - Service Client – 91 Impasse du Château d’Eau – 42740 LA TERRASSE SUR DORLAY - FRANCE.

WAW© is a registered trademark in the EU and USA of SAS Strategiae.