Bonne année 2018

Bonne année 2018

We would like to present our best wishes for the new year 2018 to all our gentle users and friends.

We shall give you more WAW games this year again, with a good dozen of new titles added to the collection, in all time periods and with unusual conflicts or long expected ones: among the list, Caesar campaigns in Gaul, British Empire wars, the Gulf War, a few 1918 conflicts (centenary celebration), Byzantium, WW2, warfare in Asia, and much more....

We'll have a completely new website up in a few weeks, and with more community work presented there.

We also plan to revise the whole offer and pricing in the coming weeks, where the initial package will be bigger and options to get season packs implemented, within the limits of what is possible here on Steam. Of course our initial supporters and users will receive some gifts and compensation from us as a reward for their initial support.

Extra Features

We shall intrdoduce also extra features very soon, including the Play-by-Email functionality and a vastly improved IA.

The collection will also go mobile in the first quarter of 2018.

Thanks again for your support and enthousiasm, and we wish you ALL a wonderful new year 2018 !