Mise à jour du moteur - Septembre

Mise à jour du moteur - Septembre

*** FIXES *** 
- Naval AI: Naval maneuver test dialog box is now hidden when the AI wins the test and has to choose Long/Short range
- Aerial Movement : Fixed an error that froze the game when crossing a region with an enemy AA inside a structure (Thanks Paul)
- Land Movement : Fixed an error preventing units from boarding on a naval transport
- Land Movement : Units going out from structure on a region with difficult terrain were not able to move, even if the unit count was below the limit
- Naval Movement : Battle was not possible on a Sea region with income when the region was of the same side as the player
- Movements All : Unit stacks handled by computer (AI) no longer finish their moves on / under player's unit stack in same region.
- Unit delivery : Fixed issue where loading a save made after unit(s) purchase and before unit delivery would cause the unit(s) not to be delivered
- Reinforcements : Fixed issue that could cause reinforcement units to be duplicated when they replaced another unit located in a structure
- Cards : Fixed bug where virtual artillery units added by cards were active during all subsequent battles

- Battle : Removed confusing battle messages about Leader Loss
- Battle : In Land and Sea Battles, Air Units are now only affected by combat factor modifiers that make sense for them (terrain and entrenchment of the enemy)
- Battle retreat : Units retreating in battle will now choose to retreat in an adjacent region prior to retreating in a fortress (this can be customzied by scenario/era)
- Cards : Improved cards behaviour when they are played by the AI
- Cards : Increased snap distance between the card moved by the user and the card play zone
- Cards : Some scenarios now allow to keep all cards puchased in hand, even if there are more cards than the limit set in the scenario (usually 5). In this case, discard is only done at the end of the Draw Cards game phase
- Aerial Return to Base Movement : Summary window is no longer displayed when computer is playing
- Aerial Movment : Fixed the case where panicked air units would not return immediately to their base after an interception
- Performances : Improved memory management when user goes back to main menu
- Localization : Updated German localization
- UI : When we need to select a stack that is inside a structure, we now only get out of structures units that are in the inside stack, and not all of them
- UI : Stack Selection with restricted domains now filters out units that do no have the good domain. This is useful for mixed stacks that can be found in ports or airports